Top 5 Road trips to take in Britain and Ireland

The fun of road trips

There are many beautiful places to visit in and around the UK.  The best way to see these are by car there are many driving routes that a person can take, here are a few trips we can recommend.

5 Best road trips around the UK and Ireland

#1 County Antrim, Northern Irelands Dark Hedges

Located in Armoy, Ballymoney is an avenue of beech trees which were planted by the Stuarts as an impressive feature that would catch their visitors eyes as they came upon Gracehill house, an elegant Georgian mansion.
Today the trees are quite a tourist attraction and have been used as a location in the popular tv series Game of Thrones.  The house offers various venues and then there is the legend of the Grey Lady, the ghost that is said to visit the hedges.

#2 Peak District, Derbyshire’s Snake Pass

This pass was opened in 1821 and the original road was the engineering works of Thomas Telford.  The route, the A57, is the pass between Sheffield and Manchester.  It crosses the Pennines which have long been known as the backbone of England as the hills run a long stretch along most of the country.  Breathtaking views and scenery make it well worth the trip.

#3 Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge and Caves

Cheddar Gorge has some magnificent scenery, cliffs and spectacular stalactite caves for a person to explore.  This road trip offers a person a history trip as you explore the wonders of the caves, which is also an international center for rock climbing and caving.  There are wildlife, adventure and the most awe-inspiring scenery as wind along the road towards the caves.

#4 The Devils staircase, Abergwesyn Road in Powys, Wales

This route has many a twist and turns and a steep climb on a road that is more of a worn tarmac track than a road.  It stretches from the hamlet of Abergwesyn to Tregar and is not known as the devil’s staircase.

There are some nice eateries in the town of Tregar and the Llyn Brianne reservoir is well worth a stop.  The scenery is also well worth the climb.

#5 The Wild Atlantic Way in the Republic of Ireland

This route takes you on a trip around the coast of the Republic of Ireland through six districts.  You travel through the Northern Headlands, The Bay Coast, The Surf Coast, The Cliff Coast, Southern Peninsulas and the Haven Coast.Enjoy the wild rugged beauty of an untamed coastline, proud rugged mountains, breathtaking scenery, castles all wrapped in a wealth of history while encountering the warmth of Irish hospitality and colorful locals!


When travelling by car always remember to check the vehicle before you leave, ensure the tires, oil and water are fine and that your spare is pumped and at the ready.  The best way to ensure your car is one hundred percent for your trip is to hire one so why not give us a call to get you road tripping.  You can buy a copy of our hand tips for travel at the following link: :