5 Top tips for safe a road trip

Road trip safety tips

For those taking to the roads for your vacation, we have put together some safety tips to help you navigate your trip.

5 Top tips for a safe road trip

#1 Car check-up

Take your car for a quick tune-up as recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Make sure that your tires, shocks, oil, water, air-conditioner, brake and other fluids are checked in order to ensure your car is in sound mechanical order for your trip.  Unless you are a qualified car mechanic it is always best to have this done by a garage.  It does not hurt to get your windscreen checked by a windscreen expert as the slightest stone chip could result in a window shatter when the glass either heats or freezes.

#2 Travelling with children

It is a law that children under the age of ten need either a car or booster seat.  Before going on a road trip, it is best to ensure that these seats are installed safely and securely.  If you are unsure or need advice you can call car seat experts such as Child Seat Safety who are accredited child seat safety experts.   It is good advice to ensure all seatbelts and the buckles are working correctly.

#3 GPS

Even if you are familiar with the roads where you are travelling it is always best to have some form or a GPS in the car.  Make sure the maps and routes are up to date and it is very handy if it comes equipped with road traffic information to help you avoid traffic jams and roadworks.  It is also handy in case you need to re-route for some reason

#4 Stock up on necessary items

Well, it is always advisable to travel as light as possible, but you can still make room for some emergency extras that hopefully you will not need to use.
It is always best to pack up on healthy snacks and lots of water.
Ensure your emergency kit includes:

  • A flashlight
  • A First aid kit
  • Warm blankets
  • Flares
  • Jumper Leads
  • Charger for your mobile phone as well as a mobile battery to charge it
  • Ensure your spare tire is pumped and usable
  • Ensure the tire changing tools and jack are in the boot and in working order

#5 A Good night’s rest

Once all your checks and car packing have been done it is advisable, especially for the driver to get a good night’s sleep before you leave.  In the morning have a refreshing shower and a good breakfast before getting on your way.


East into your trip there is no huge hurry, stick to the speed limits and keep a good distance between your car and the one in front of you.  Always check your mirrors and look behind you before changing lanes as a lot of cars have blind spots.  Never use your phone while driving and make plenty of stops along the way to keep you alert.

Infographic by: exchange.aaa.com