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The Journey Home

Mental illness is not something we think will ever happen to us and I was no exception but what I do know now which I didn't know then is that RECOVERY is a very real possibility for everyone.

News : "The Journey Home" is a collection of poetry, artwork & photography creating a new narrative embracing the theme of recovery from severe depression. It has now been printed and is available for purchase from the Buy a Copy page of this site.

    The Journey Home
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The all encompassing theme of my book "The Journey Home" is fittingly therefore one of HOPE without which recovery cannot take place.

This work, comprising 76 poems, illustrated by all my own artwork and photography, first found its footing as a series of streams of conscious thoughts which surfaced spontaneously and were an attempt to make sense of what I had been through in terms of severe clinical depression and emerging from it.

The book opens with the all encompassing despair that is depression where we rely on others to carry that hope for us and continues via the metaphor of weather to trace the recovery process over time, unfolding the innate ability we all have to heal ourselves once the clinical symptoms have been treated.

As unique individuals we lead this process

However, professionally trained people, friends and family need to know how to enable and empower us to take back the control in our lives so that we can find our own recovery paths which can ultimately lead to experiencing a quality of living we may never have thought possible.

My ultimate premise in sharing this "wholeness" is in the hope that it will help many people on their own journeys home. It is at one and the same time a very personal and
universal work.

Additional information about the author and her Journey Home can be found on Facebook. There is a video interview with Lorraine on Citizen Leadership on the Learning Exchange site and a link to a You Tube video is at the foot of this page.

Copies are available for purchase from this site's Buy a Copy page.

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Recovery is a Journey founded on Hope

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