Top 5 Road trips to take in Britain and Ireland

The fun of road trips

There are many beautiful places to visit in and around the UK.  The best way to see these are by car there are many driving routes that a person can take, here are a few trips we can recommend.

5 Best road trips around the UK and Ireland

#1 County Antrim, Northern Irelands Dark Hedges

Located in Armoy, Ballymoney is an avenue of beech trees which were planted by the Stuarts as an impressive feature that would catch their visitors eyes as they came upon Gracehill house, an elegant Georgian mansion.
Today the trees are quite a tourist attraction and have been used as a location in the popular tv series Game of Thrones.  The house offers various venues and then there is the legend of the Grey Lady, the ghost that is said to visit the hedges.

#2 Peak District, Derbyshire’s Snake Pass

This pass was opened in 1821 and the original road was the engineering works of Thomas Telford.  The route, the A57, is the pass between Sheffield and Manchester.  It crosses the Pennines which have long been known as the backbone of England as the hills run a long stretch along most of the country.  Breathtaking views and scenery make it well worth the trip.

#3 Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge and Caves

Cheddar Gorge has some magnificent scenery, cliffs and spectacular stalactite caves for a person to explore.  This road trip offers a person a history trip as you explore the wonders of the caves, which is also an international center for rock climbing and caving.  There are wildlife, adventure and the most awe-inspiring scenery as wind along the road towards the caves.

#4 The Devils staircase, Abergwesyn Road in Powys, Wales

This route has many a twist and turns and a steep climb on a road that is more of a worn tarmac track than a road.  It stretches from the hamlet of Abergwesyn to Tregar and is not known as the devil’s staircase.

There are some nice eateries in the town of Tregar and the Llyn Brianne reservoir is well worth a stop.  The scenery is also well worth the climb.

#5 The Wild Atlantic Way in the Republic of Ireland

This route takes you on a trip around the coast of the Republic of Ireland through six districts.  You travel through the Northern Headlands, The Bay Coast, The Surf Coast, The Cliff Coast, Southern Peninsulas and the Haven Coast.Enjoy the wild rugged beauty of an untamed coastline, proud rugged mountains, breathtaking scenery, castles all wrapped in a wealth of history while encountering the warmth of Irish hospitality and colorful locals!


When travelling by car always remember to check the vehicle before you leave, ensure the tires, oil and water are fine and that your spare is pumped and at the ready.  The best way to ensure your car is one hundred percent for your trip is to hire one so why not give us a call to get you road tripping.  You can buy a copy of our hand tips for travel at the following link: :

The 5 best electric cars on the market in 2018

The rise of the electric car

With everyone moving away from fuels and turning towards the greener options electric car sales are on the rise.  Since the mass-produced and purpose-designed General Motors EV1 which was produced in 1996 the electric car industry has grown.

5 best electric cars on the market today

#1 Toyota Mirai

The car is both pretty on the eye but the cost his car is high to a £66 000.  It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell making it a quiet, efficient and kind to the environment.
They have high safety standards include tanks that are not designed to leak, in the event of a collision the tanks automatically shut off to avoid hydrogen leakage and there are measures installed that in case of ignition the gas escapes safely into the atmosphere.

#2 Renault Zoe

This little two-door hatchback can seat four adults and has a decent size boot.  There are six models to choose from in this Range and the prices range from £14 245 to around £20 000 odd.  It has a range of 186 miles during the summer and 124 miles in the winter on one charge.  This car is really great for city dwellers with low emissions and has a light running costs.

#3 Volkswagen e-Golf

You can go 186 miles on one charge and has a range of charging options with interchangeable settings that can switch between comfort and or instant max power.  This car allows you to drive with zero emissions as you fill up on green energy.  This car starts with a price range of £27 690.

#4 Kia Soul EV

For the lovers of the Kia Soul, this is the greener, has more torque and is a lot zippier than the petrol version of this car.  But the downside is it does cost a lot more and the interior seems a bit bulky.

The price is £25 995 with a driving range of up to 132 miles on one charge, low emissions and car tax rates.

#5 BMW i3

On the road price of £29 570 this elegant sporty car with superior handling and performance with a 124-mile range after a single charge.  It has all the technology and class you would expect from a BMW such as park assistance, traffic jam assistance and active cruise control.


Although a lot of rural areas do not have a lot of choices for recharging points the larger cities do have as legislation for air quality gets tighter and tighter.  Soon this will extend towards the rural areas but for now, a lot of city dwellers are already trending in their electric vehicles.  There are many car companies looking to change towards electric cars and this will rise as the threat of global warming heats up more and more.  With the world moving towards self-driving vehicles car companies are bucking up their plans for new electric car models and petrol stations are becoming more accommodating by installing various electric car charging point.

5 Benefits of renting a car

Car rental to meet your requirements

When travelling in a city you have not been to before it is a lot better to do so in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle rather than on a crowded bus or watching the meter tick up the cash in a taxi.  If you are travelling for business, then short-term car rental has a lot of advantages for you in that you are in control of your schedule and not at the mercy of a lift or public transport.


5 benefits of short-term car rental

#1 A lot more choice

For a business sometimes the options of a short-term car rental may work out to be a cheaper and more viable solution.  You have a greater choice of vehicles from a two-door small call to a SUV’s, small trucks and vans.   Most car hire companies offer a host of various classes of vehicles and then different makes and models within those classes.  With options to be able to switch out the vehicles when and where required.  So if one week you require a light truck you can swap the vehicle for a light truck or SUV, etc.

#2 No vehicle maintenance, services and licensing costs

When you rent a car you are not responsible for the maintenance or road tax of the vehicles. The car has to be in a top roadworthy state before it can be rented out to a customer.  This includes tires, windscreen and everything being operational within the vehicle.  If at any time it does not work the company should swap the vehicle out for another one.  The only cost will be the fuel, monthly rental which includes the mandatory insurances.

#3 Full breakdown services

Any good rental car company will come complete with a full breakdown service plan for your rental term.  Which mean you don’t even have to change your own tire should you get a flat and you have 24/7 breakdown, recovery and roadside assistance cover.  These usually also include running out of petrol and a service that will help you should you get lost.

#4 Not tied to a long-term contract

Sometimes renting a vehicle on what is called a long-term rental affords you a lot more flexibility in that most of these contracts can be ended within a giving notice period with no penalties.  And there are a lot of companies that you can rent from a day to up to three or months.  It is usually an agreed upon number of Kilometers or months or whichever one comes first.  For instance, if you take out an agreement for 3000 miles or 3 months.  If you do the 3000 miles in three weeks they will swap out the vehicle for you.

#5 Drive a new vehicle

You can drive a new vehicle and have a greater choice to choose from.



Contact us at Hope 4 Recovery for a quote on the various rental options for personal and business use we have a package for you.

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Top 3 luxury cars in the UK that make you feel like royalty

Luxury, comfort and effortless handling

Motor vehicle enthusiasts all look for that smooth comfortable drive that makes you feel like you are flying along the motorway.   We look at some of the top luxury cars in the UK that would make anyone in both the driver’s seat or passenger seats feel like royalty.

Top 3 luxury vehicles in the UK

#1 Jaguar

This UK company started off as the “Swallow Sidecar Company” which originally made sidecars for motorcycles and was started in 1922 in England.  The company changed its name to Jaguar Cars in 1945.  The company is now owned by Tata Motors who bought the company in 2008.Regardless of how many times the company has changed names, the cars that have been produced that bare the Jaguar name are an eloquent form of luxury and true automotive engineering geniuses that brings a remarkable car.


#2 Bentley

Founded in 1919 and often confused for a Rolls-Royce are decidedly different.  The first Bentley to build was done so as a sports car.  It was quite a bit larger than most other sports car, its innovative design was a huge success on the racing circuits soon overtaking the smaller race cars in popularity.  The company was founded by the Bentley brothers but when the company hit financial difficulties it was taken over by Woolf Barnato and under his direction went on to produce five different models of the Bentley including the famous Speed six.  Bentley was taken over by Rolls-Royce in the early 1930’s and is now owned by Volkswagen after a battle with BMW in 1997 for ownership of the company.


#3 Rolls-Royce

The name is basically synonymous with royalty and has long since been the mark of perfection for luxury vehicles in both innovative engineering and unrivalled luxury.          The company which formed a partnership between an engineer and one of the UK’s first ever car dealership owners has made a huge impact on British history.  The Silver Ghost was declared the “The Best Car in the World” in 1907 after it broke the world record by travelling from London to Glasgow.  Rolls-Royce has developed nothing but award-winning luxury vehicles making the most logical choice as the vehicle of choice for the royal family in the 1950’s and has since then carried the royal family to many galas, trips and outings.

The brand name was sold to BMW who finished accumulating the final assets for it in 2002 to carry on the fine craftmanship of this iconic car.



There really is nothing like the feel of driving a quality luxurious vehicle, cushioned in the lap of the plush leather seat designed to hug and mold perfectly to your form.  The powerful engine so fine-tuned that it barely makes a whisper as you cruise down the motorway the car practically drives itself.  For those special occasions, gala and dance events one can imagine pulling up to it and gracefully stepping out from the cars plush interior as the perfect start to a great function.